Hey Guys!

I am Candace Braddock, an author and entrepreneur and here is a little bit about my story…

I began my marketing journey in 2008, while playing playing on Facebook. What started out as an entertaining hobby, morphed into solidifying social media management contracts with businesses in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. After leaving a career in higher education at the University of Pennsylvania, I started Socially Digital Media Co., a trendy, full fledged digital marketing agency catering to entrepreneurs and small business owners in May of 2013. 

Although I started a company my life went through a few ups and downs during the business building  process. I was stressed and simultaneously battling post-partum depression. When I started to travel to grow my business, I listened to stories of teenagers, baby boomers, senior citizens, drug addicts, and millionaires and I realized that everyone goes through ups and downs. It was at that moment that I decided to not be a victim of my circumstances but to be victorious over them! This inspired me to write my first book entitled, Get Over Yourself: A Guide For Pushing Past Limits

I believe that we all have the undeniable power of choice. You can choose to FIGHT or you can choose to surrender. You can choose to LIVE or you can choose to simply survive.

My mission is to encourage and help others push past their limits and strategically design a life filled with purpose, abundance, joy, prosperity, and peace.